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The Nuker (formerly known as The Destroyer II) is a series of medley mashup Black MIDIs made by Emex Dénvîr and other blackers. Ther series is known for the usage of TheSuperMarioBros2’s melodies as well as high note counts. The Nuker series became popular after Carlos S. M. uploaded a video of The Nuker 1.9.3, the last and final release of The Nuker 1. It was superseded by The Nuker 2, The Nuker 3, and The Nuker 4. Emex originally planned that The Nuker 3 F3 was the last MIDI in the series when it was released on the 13th of October, 2016. The series was put on indefinite hiatus since the third one was finished, with future attention being put towards the "Tsar Bomb," a MIDI series of similar intent and later failing to meet it's goal. In early 2018, Emex teamed up with Eddywaltz to create a new Nuker, but it has not yet been finished. Despite the popularity of the series among the Black MIDI fanbase, also it has been the object of controversy and criticism due to its composition of silent notes as well as the usage of other blackers' phrases / melodies.

The Nuker 1

The Nuker 1, which was originally called “The Destroyer II,” but was changed due to TheSuperMarioBros2’s request, was the first installment in the Nuker series. The first version was made in December 2015 as the Destroyer II 1.0.0, but it was never released and the series never saw light until 1.4 in late December 2015 with the latest version being 1.9.3 released around March 2016 with 26 Million notes. All Nuker 1 MIDIs were made by Emex himself, with nobody assisting him with the development. 1.5 was the first version known to be known as "The Nuker"

Version Date Note count Video Comments
The Destroyer II 1.0 December 12, 2015 2,218,105 1 First Known version of The Nuker
The Destroyer II 1.1 December ??, 2015 N/A N/A
The Destroyer II 1.2 December ??, 2015 N/A N/A
The Destroyer II 1.3 December ??, 2015 N/A N/A
The Destroyer II 1.4 (The Nuker 1.4) December ??, 2015 ~6,400,000 N/A First version to be uploaded in YouTube. A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 1.5 Januray 2, 2016 9,215,823 1 First Version known as The Nuker.
The Nuker 1.6 N/A N/A N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 1.7 N/A N/A N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 1.8 N/A N/A N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 1.9 March 12, 2016 N/A N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 1.9.1 March 12, 2016 N/A N/A
The Nuker 1.9.2 March 12, 2016 N/A N/A
The Nuker 1.9.3 March 12, 2016 26,633,699 1, 2 Final version of The Nuker

The Nuker 2

The Nuker 2 was the second installment of the Nuker series made by Emex, Alexander Verevkin, and Tikronix. Development began around March 2016 and finished 2 months later. It initially had a goal of about 50 million notes, but was later changed to 100 million. The latest version of The Nuker 2 MIDI is F1, released around May 2016 with over 142 million notes. It was also the first version to be made by a team, and the first version specifically aimed at high note counts. It was likely because of this that the criticism of the series began.

Version Date Note count Video Comments
The Nuker 2 - 1.21 March 24, 2016 8,584,237 1 First known version of The Nuker 2
The Nuker 2 - 1.29 March 25, 2016 22,151,789 1
The Nuker 2 - 1.35 April ??, 2016 34,502,728 N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 2 - 1.36 April 23, 2016 38,262,678 1, 2
The Nuker 2 - 1.37 April 28, 2016 56,118,732 1
The Nuker 2 - 1.38 May 7, 2016 55,375,963 N/A
The Nuker 2 - 1.39 May 8, 2016 62,453,096 N/A
The Nuker 2 - 1.40 May 8, 2016 63,140,722 1, 2, 3
The Nuker 2 - 1.42 May 12, 2016 71,417,145 N/A
The Nuker 2 - 1.43 May 13, 2016 76,478,097 N/A Last known WIP of the MIDI, A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 2 - F1 May 17, 2016 142,216,648 1, 2 Final version of The Nuker 2

The Nuker 3

The Nuker 3, originally called “The Supernova,” was the third and installment of The Nuker series. Development started in July 2016, had a goal of 300 million notes and was developed by the XERO MIDI Team until F1, when XERO MIDI was dissolved. The Nuker 3's development was cancelled multiple times during its development. The Nuker 3 reached its final stage in September 2016, but failed to reach the main 300 million note goal. F2 was released later and was essentially F1 with a much larger final crash, which was also used in F3. F2 is unable to be exported completely from the FLP due to FL Studio limitations, although it might be possible to export the MIDI by exporting sections or tracks separately. Although the note count of F2 is thought to be around 268 million, it is likely larger than that. Finally, in October, F3 was released and the note count surpassed the main 300 million goal, turning the version into a 500+ million note MIDI. TN3 F1 and later releases became known as the largest MIDI exported with FL Studio (as of Q3 2016). The MIDI got very popular on YouTube, with multiple videos gaining over 100,000 views. On January 10th, 2021, Lucas9810 was able to export the Full MIDI from FL Studio by exporting each track separately. The Full MIDI turned out to be several million notes smaller (approximately 529 million) than the original merged MIDI, due to overlapping sections.

Version Date Note count Video Comments
The Nuker 3 - 1.1.5 July 18, 2016 1,686,784 N/A First known version of The Nuker 3
The Nuker 3 - 1.2.0 July 18, 2016 2,765,381 N/A
The Nuker 3 - 1.2.1 July 19, 2016 2,985,860 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U7 July 19, 2016 5,823,524 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U11 July 20, 2016 16,188,484 1
The Nuker 3 - U16 July 21, 2016 33,107,828 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U18 July 21, 2016 26,832,482 N/A A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable
The Nuker 3 - U20 July 28, 2016 30,856,388 1, 2, 3
The Nuker 3 - U21 August 8, 2016 41,019,103 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U22 August 8, 2016 46,070,022 1
The Nuker 3 - U24 August 10, 2016 53,202,654 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U25 August 10, 2016 53,913,031 1, 2
The Nuker 3 - U26 August 14, 2016 77,391,093 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U27 August 15, 2016 83,768,450 1, 2
The Nuker 3 - U28 August 18, 2016 97,515,939 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U28.5 August 20, 2016 98,054,081 N/A Stopgap version made during one of the cancelation times
The Nuker 3 - F0 N/A 115,022,990 1
The Nuker 3 - U29 August 20, 2016 115,039,373 1
The Nuker 3 - U30 August 20, 2016 131,844,601 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U31 August 21, 2016 131,186,924 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U32 August 21, 2016 134,059,360 1
The Nuker 3 - U33 August 24, 2016 140,350,488 1
The Nuker 3 - U34 August 26, 2016 140,408,662 N/A
The Nuker 3 - U35 September 1, 2016 151,015,267 N/A The Audio can be listened to Here
The Nuker 3 - F1 September 6, 2016 197,590,626 1, 2, 3
The Nuker 3 - F2 October 11, 2016 ~268,000,000 N/A MIDI can't be fully exported due to FL issues
The Nuker 3 - F3 October 13, 2016 529,409,267 1, 2, 3 Tracks were exported from FL Studio Seperately and Merged.

The Nuker 4

Although The Nuker 3 was originally going to be the final MIDI in The Nuker series, Emex and Eddywaltz decided to start on a new project, The Nuker 4. This was a new era of the "team". Emex wanted to work with highly trustworthy people, so he invited Eddywaltz and Sir Spork to join the team. Sir Spork left during early development, and did not rejoin the project. Although the original intention of The Nuker series was to be an unofficial sequel to The Destroyer by TheSuperMarioBros2, The Nuker 4 does not contain as many songs created by TSMB2 as previous versions. The vibe of The Nuker 4 is a lot more musical than The Nuker 3, and is considered to be a different style of blacking than the previous MIDIs in the series. The Nuker 4 is still in development, even though it is currently on the F1 Update. Although Emex abandoned both Black MIDI and The Nuker Series, Eddywaltz continued working on it. GamingMIDI was added to the team by Eddywaltz sometime in 2020, and has helped add to the MIDI towards the end of development. Alexander Verevkin has also helped contribute multiple original compositions to the song. The Final 1 version of the MIDI was released on December 31, 2020 after a multiple year hiatus, and a Final 2 version has been confirmed by team members to fix exporting, velocity, and other errors in the MIDI. Although Final 1 has a note count of 2.6 Billion, the actual note count is likely higher because the MIDI had to be edited to be properly exported from FL studio. Although only updates with known information are listed, The Nuker 4 was confirmed to begin on Update 0, reach Update 36, and contain Final versions Final 0, Final 1, and Final 2 (in the future).

Version Date Note count Video Comments
The Nuker 4 - U8 April 30, 2018 N/A N/A First known version of The Nuker 4, First TN4 Version publicly showcased on Emex's Channel.

A video of it was known to exist, but is currently unavailable.

The Nuker 4 - U10 N/A 8,324,879 N/A
The Nuker 4 - U12 June 23, 2018 41,505,885 1 First Video showcased on Eddywaltz's Channel
The Nuker 4 - U20 July 15, 2018 101,891,706 1
The Nuker 4 - U25 August 24, 2018 114,859,954 1
The Nuker 4 - U26 August 27, 2018 127,129,492 1 Released immediately after U25 to fix audio errors
The Nuker 4 - U30 November 30, 2018 133,539,719 1 MIDI was not known to exist until 2020, and was only showcased in 2021.

Possibly the last version of TN4 ever made before Final 1.

The Nuker 4 - F1 December 31, 2020 2,680,796,985 1, 2 MIDI Note count may not be accurate due to exporting issues.
The Nuker 4 - F2 TBD 3,000,000,000+ N/A Future MIDI; Still in Development

Reception and Criticism

Early versions of The Nuker (1.4-1.6) were received relatively positively by the Black MIDI fanbase, but later, Emex decided to shift towards extreme note counts, and subsequent versions contained a much larger note quantity. Today, the Nuker series maintains a positive/mixed reception among the fanbase and a mixed reception on the BMT.

The Nuker series was heavily criticized due to their high/extreme note art to melody ratio, the unoriginality of most of the melodies used (particularly its high usage of TSMB2 melodies on the series), stolen or unoriginal note art usage, and private status - meaning the MIDIs were not publicly available to download. Several high-ranked BMC/BMT members such as TheSuperMarioBros2, Thomass (RetroUniversalHT), and KaleidonKep99 (Bribi) were public detractors of the series.

TSMB2's Rant on The Nuker series

Nowadays, The series is known and remembered as one of the most popular large Black MIDI mashups ever created, and has inspired others to create similar styled MIDIs. The idea and popularization of medley-mashup MIDIs can partially be attributed to the success of The Nuker Series inside and outside of the Black MIDI Community. Finally, the series created a new "blacking style", which other creators used as inspiration to create their own content.

Leaking and Unauthorized Sharing

MIDIs in The Nuker Series are almost entirely unavailable to officially download, with the exception of The Tsar Bomb U45's edited Audio MIDI. The private status and popularity of the series have led to high demand for the series, and eventually unauthorized sharing. Although the MIDIs were only given to MIDI creators and trusted individuals, almost every MIDI in the series has been obtained by people outside of the list. Several mass leaks have occurred since the MIDIs were completed, causing damage to the creators and the community.