Black MIDI Wiki

BedrockSolid is a Black MIDI composer/player and a soundfont maker who is in the Black MIDI Team. He lives in the United States. He originally uploaded videos twice a day, and most of them consisted of Black MIDIs that he has composed. Now his channel is home to a variety of gaming videos, commentaries, memes, compositions, and of course, Black MIDIs. He can program to some extent in the languages of Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Danmakufu. He has made a (rather useless) way to access MIDI programs using Bedrock's MIDI Launcher, and his own MIDI player. He has an unreleased MIDI generator that is no longer being made.

BedrockSolid enjoys playing rhythm games and Touhou. He initially was one of the most active uploaders of the Black MIDI Team on YouTube.

Black MIDIs[]

BedrockSolid started uploading on his YouTube account on March 25, 2014 when he uploaded his computer playing TheSuperMarioBros2's black of Bad Apple!!, which had 4.6 million notes.

He has currently made approximately 100 black MIDIs. His MIDIs usually consist of Touhou Project songs, anime songs, video game songs, and pop songs.

Composing MIDIs and Soundfonts[]

BedrockSolid used to compose Black MIDIs with Minecraft Note Block Studio, which is very basic and cannot do as much as other programs. However, when combined with programs such as Anvil Studio it can work to some extent. His older MIDIs were very bad in comparison to his MIDIs now. He now uses FL Studio 12 for his Black MIDIs, and was the first BMT member to pay for FL Studio.

He has made a few soundfonts, some of which can be found on his channel. He used SGM, JV1080 Nice Piano, and Z-Doc Soundfont III as soundfonts, before moving to Bedrock Wide Piano. He will now use Frozen Snow's Yamaha C7 soundfont for videos.