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Carlos S. M. is a tester from Gran Canaria, Spain. He mainly tests his computers to its maximum limits and blacks some MIDIs. He is an active uploader. He also uploads non-black MIDI piano and PC-related videos.

Involvement in the Black MIDI Team[]

Carlos joined the BMT on the 23rd of March 2014 after uploading his ATAAI video. He usually records other MIDIs (also unfinished ones) and do testing in general (Programs, MIDIs...). He also blacks MIDIs sometimes and makes/edits soundfonts including his well known private soundfont CarlosPiano.

MIDIs created[]

  • Bad Apple!! 500.000 Notes
  • Bad Apple!! 1.03 Million
  • Bad Apple!! 2.04 Million
  • Let it Go 1 Million (Scrapped)
  • Bad Apple!! 12.6 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 16 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 42 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! 38 Million (Merged)
  • Bad Apple!! v4 670.000 notes (Edited)
  • Bad Apple!! v4 extended 1.02 Million (Edited)
  • Bad Apple!! v5 extended 1.43 Million (Edited)
  • Bad Apple!! v6 extended 3.86 Million (Edited)
  • Necrofantasia 1.65 Million
  • rape.mid
  • Scarlet Zone Mashup (WIP)
  • Time to Air black (WIP)
  • Canon in D Black
  • The Nuker 2 Audio (Failed/Edited)
  • Septette for the Dead Princess 69 million (Merged)
  • All Star 44 million
  • Barbie Girl 10 million
  • Medley of YTPMV 52 million
  • Witch Doctor 1 million
  • Rasputin 83 million
  • A lot more