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Oscar Molenaar, known by his pseudonym, EpreTroll, is a BMT Member who creates videos and MIDIs mainly from Touhou and other video games, such as Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke 5.5 Million and Eternal Spring Dream. He is currently most known for his Undertale Black MIDI videos which have earned over millions of views since the beginning of 2016 and account for most of his notoriety as of now.


Oscar is a Black MIDI Team member from The Netherlands who specializes in smaller quality Black MIDI compositions, such as Eternal Spring Dream, History of the Moon, and other more obscure, mainly Touhou music. Note ranges usually vary in between 100,000 and 200,000 notes. He uses various MIDI Player programs in his videos some of which include: Singer Song Writer 10, Piano From Above, Synthesia and MIDITrail.

He specializes in high quality video editing and is widely known for this. His videos include smooth animating and combining of MIDI players, colour grading and particle rendering, most noted technique is the creation of 128-key Synthesia videos which display MIDIs through Synthesia with 128 keys instead of 88, which is Synthesia's graphic limit. This requires various editing techniques. All videos produced by Oscar are 60fps and at least 1080p.


Oscar's YouTube channel mostly includes Synthesia and Black Score videos. Music genres include but are not limited to: Touhou, Vocaloid, classic video games and various rhythm games such as osu!, Deemo and Beatmania IIDX. He uploads videos of MIDIs by people he thinks deserve notoriety and this way uses his channel as a platform for those people. Besides that like any other blacker he also creates his own MIDIs of course and makes occasional Piano tutorials, that are actually playable on piano.

Around the beginning of 2016 he has uploaded some Undertale songs that have given a massive boost in subscribers and have gained him millions of views. Most viewed video being of Megalovania, a MIDI created by MusicWithDan, that stands at around 6.5 Million views.


As of for software, Oscar uses multiple programs including; FL Studio, Domino, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Bandicam. Mostly Adobe software for video editing, FL Studio for audio. Lots of other more obscure programs for MIDI playback and audio recording.


These are all published Black MIDIs by EpreTroll. Some unfinished and unpublished are included in the list. These were never officially uploaded or finished at all.

Chronological Song Title Source Notes (In collaboration with)
1st Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico Touhou Project 4 12,679 N/A
2nd Lunatic Princess ~ Flight of the Bamboo Cutter Touhou Project 8 74,225 N/A
3rd Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind Touhou Project 12 140,412 N/A
4th U.N. Owen Was Her? Touhou Project 6 249,227 TTC, TSMB2
5th Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus 1,136,985 N/A
6th History of the Moon Touhou Project 8 589,508 N/A
7th Autumn Voyage RuneScape 125,236 N/A
8th Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke Touhou Project 8 5,468,065 N/A
Unfinished A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necrofantasy Touhou Project 7 1.446.891 Snake8Bit
9th Almagest Beatmania IIDX SIRIUS 258.770 Z-Doc Piano Player
Unfinished Voyage 1969 Touhou Project 8 N/A BedrockSolid
Unpublished Mary Had a Little Lamb Unknown 253.740 N/A
10th Mysterious Purification Rod Touhou Project 14 300,000 Z-Doc Piano Player
11th Demystify Feast Touhou Project 7.5 192,373 N/A
12th The Dream Palace ~ Great Mausoleum Touhou Project 13 246,699 BusiedGem
13th Yee Dinosaur Adventure (Meme) 81,088 N/A
14th Crystallized Silver Touhou Project 7 124,069 N/A
15th Eternal Spring Dream Touhou Project 15 143,512 N/A
16th The Ancient Venerable Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field Touhou Project 10 200,000 Scub Domino
17th The Star-Spangled Banner National Anhem of the United States 111,636 N/A