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Gingeas is a high-ranked member of the Black MIDI Team who records and uploads MIDI videos mostly using Synthesia. He is skilled in editing MIDIs, creating performance-optimized versions of MIDIs, editing MIDIs at the source (hex-editing), as well as improving the visibility of his team member's videos. He is also known for creating audio for people in the team on occasion. Back in the past, he popularized merging: combining MIDIs that were already made. Some of the MIDIs he merged during his early career were:
  • Necrofantasia 9.8 million
  • Bad Apple!! 8.49 million notes (later found out to be 7.67 million)
  • U.N. Owen Was Her (countless ones)
  • "Armageddon" (MIDI experiments)

Gingeas is more of a behind-the-scenes technical guy who finds ways to maximize performance (such as the 4GB patch, config.xml hacks, slow-down method, etc.) but nowadays usually uploads videos and occasionally edits MIDIs.

Gingeas created a one million note remix of "What does the fox say?" by Ylvis. This is a very popular video and has had over 2 million views.

On August 2, 2014, YouTube posted a comment on one of his videos,quoted "Chaos is beautiful." This gives this video a lot of exposure, and as of September 2016, the video has over 1,097,000 views.