Black MIDI Wiki
HDSQ.mid, also known as Hemidemisemiquaver, is a blacker who entered the Black MIDI community in October 2016. They use a range of blacking styles but their blacking style is most similar to TheSuperMarioBros2. They black a variety of music, some of which are original compositions. They is currently a member of the BMT and reside in Australia.


All their known Black MIDIs in cronological order, WIPs and non Black MIDI works are excluded from the list

MIDI Release date Note count Song Comments
Nyx 09/25/2016 2.000.000 Original Composition First MIDI in youtube
Sunrise 11/03/2016 2.305.426 Original Composition
The Very Black Pearl 11/18/2016 10.000.000 The Black Pearl
Greensleves 12/15/2016 2.500.000 Greensleves
The Call 03/05/2017 366.079 Regina Spektor - The Call
When Donald isn't Home 03/26/2017 1.028.258 Timmy Trumpet - Freaks
Tartarus 06/10/2017 19.972.897 Original Composition Largest HDSQ MIDI until Ouranos
Final Destiny 07/18/2017 2.184.065 Original Composition Collab with MusiMasta
Despacito 10/01/2017? 2.000.000 Luis Fonzi - Despacito Originally uploaded earlier by MusiMasta, but that video doesn't exist anymore
He Lives in You 11/05/2017 467.274 The Lion King: He Lives in You
The 12 Days of Christmas 12/14/2017 12.000.000 The 12 Days of Christmas Collab with MBMS
Bright Stream 02/25/2018 4.103.893 Mizuki Nana - Bright Sream
The Australian Anthem but it sounds Russian 03/04/2018 16.836 Australian Anthem
Two Minutes to Midnight 03/22/2018 1.103.485 Original Composition
Wake Me Up 04/25/2018 233.017 Avicii - Wake Me Up
Nightfall 05/07/2018 14.596.698 Original Composition 250 sub special MIDI
Tau 06/27/2018 6.283.185 Original Composition Made for the Tau day, currently their second most popular video
Bohemian Rhaosidy 10/21/2018 2.066.342 Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody Most popular video
Ghostbusters but every time they say ghost it gets more impossible 10/30/2018 8.387.273 Ghostbusters theme
Counting Stars 03/13/2019 322.408 One Republic: Counting Stars
SOS 05/26/2019 148.277 Avicii - SOS ft Aloe Blacc
Ouranos 07/20/2019 24.337.991 Original Composition 5000 sub special MIDI. Collab with The Romanticist. Largest MIDI by HDSQ up to date