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Oscar Castle-Roper, known online as Sir Spork, was a member of the Black MIDI Team from Wales, UK. He has been blacking MIDIs since early 2016 and typically remixed pop songs and obscure songs.

Oscar uses Piano From Above for most of his videos, and makes his MIDIs in FL Studio.

As of January 2019 he has moved content and is now following his stronger interests, Retro technology, Chiptune and Programming.

The style of his blacking was similar to that of percussive MIDIs popularized by the Asian side of the Black MIDI community, though it is very different to it at times. He has created many MIDIs before and aimed to push one out at least once a week. Which he did not manage to do as he lost motivation to make Black MIDIs.

His most popular MIDI is 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' gathering over 27 Million Views on MusiMasta's Channel, making it the 2nd most viewed Black MIDI on YouTube.