Black MIDI Wiki

Snake8Bit (or just Snake) is a German MIDI blacker that makes videos of black MIDIs with no lag. He specializes in 8-Bit music/MIDIs. One of his most famous black remixes is of the chiptune song "Ogge - Kuk". It contains a high volume of notes in its ending. Other chiptune songs he has made are I'm Hetero (Ogge), I am Mr. Kuk (Ogge), but he also works on other chiptune songs such as Unreal Superhero 3. His most popular video is an Impossible Remix of the My Little Pony Theme Song.

How to make a Snake8Bit video[]

  1. In Synthesia, play a Black MIDI on a slower speed while recording. This can be 10%, 5%, 3%, and even 1% if the MIDI is that intense.
  2. Open a video editor such as Sony Vegas or PowerDirector. Snake himself uses ScreenFlow, a Mac-exclusive program.
  3. Speed up the recording of the MIDI back to normal speed. If you played it at 1%, you would make the video 100 times faster, 5%, 20 times faster, and so on.
  4. Import an audio track. Speeding up Synthesia will not provide the audio. The source for the audio can be found in different ways like exporting it from a MIDI sequencer like FL Studio or Synthfont, but you can also use a better MIDI player or even a converter.
  5. Render it and you're done! Upload it to YouTube! Keep in mind that videos of this type can be pretty size-intensive.

Note that sometimes, it will not work. It depends on how fast Synthesia is set to, as well as the lagginess of the MIDI itself.