Black MIDI Wiki
Yokkin is a Japanse Blacker and a founder of Japan Black MIDI Team (known as JBMT). He mainly make Black Scores based on random Vocaloid songs.


I've watched a number of Black MIDI Videos since 2013. The first video I saw was TTC's Night of Nights 1.1 million probably. It's not certain, but at the time I was afraid that I couldn't join the community because I was under the age of 12 and could violate Google's rules. I joined the Black MIDI community on my age of 12 with the state that completely having no musical background. Since everytime I started making Black Score from trancribing original song, I could train my ears. Furthermore, now that I write my own songs, I made it myself to learn the music theory.

So did I start making Black MIDIs around 2014, It's been 6 years. (There have been blank though!)


  • Virtual YouTuber (I can slight talk about Niji-Sanji and something... Kizuna Ai as you know)
  • Black MIDI (Of course!)
  • Ujico* / Snail House (Now listen to his tracks or you are cursed by me)
  • Composing
  • Studying English


For blacking

  • Domino

MIDI Player

  • Piano From Above
  • MIDITrailMod
  • Keppy's Notes Counter
  • Singer Song Writer 10 (Trial)

MIDI Driver

  • OmniMIDI

For audio rendering

  • Keppy's MIDI Converter

For screen recording

  • OBS

Video editing