Black MIDI Wiki

minelolpride is a current member of the BMT. He has been in the community since mid-late 2015, but has only produced a few black MIDIs to completion since then, consisting mainly ones which have ridiculous crash points. He also has spent some time creating high quality audio renders of various midis.

For most of the videos, he uses either PFA or TGMMVG, and produces MIDIs usually using FL Studio or Domino. Any audio renders are done using Keppy's MIDI Converter, Audacity, and rarely FL Studio.

When it comes to his style of blacking, he usually doesnt do a great deal of noteart, which make his MIDIs simple as a result. He also usually ends up creating relatively small midis with very powerful crash points (see Heck Zone), as well as creating some large MIDIs too (see Infinite Being or IBCE), though he says he wont do that too much because of how long it takes to make these.

As for his channel, much like with his MIDI production, he doesnt have any schedule which makes new uploads few and far in between. His most popular Black MIDI video is an old video on Noisemaker Challenge Extended[1], but he does have a newer video on the midi which was made with better quality and audio[2].


Name Note Count Collaboratos Notes
The Flawless Wings of Yatagarasu 697,376 200 subscriber special
Infinite Being Community Edition 111,104,578 Blackhawk580, ArchaeoParallaxis, Sir Spork, Very Strong Leaf, Tikronix Largest midi produced
heck zone 2,238,997 speedblacked, has a strong crash
infinite being 54,839,185 Largest Black MIDI self produced to date