Black MIDI Wiki

In this page you will find certain editing guidelines that you are asked to follow when creating or editing pages in order to keep this wiki organized and well looking.


All content in this wiki is separated into categories. There are two types of categories: the main categories and the subcategories.


The main categories are pre-defined and are the following:

  1. BlackMIDI (Used for pages that cover Black MIDI projects)
  2. Creator (Used for pages that cover Black MIDI creators)
  3. Software (Used for pages that cover Black MIDI software)
  4. Song (Used for pages that cover widely used songs in the Black MIDI scene)
  5. Soundfont (Used for pages that cover soundfont projects)
  6. Team (Used for pages that cover a Black MIDI oriented team)
  7. Misc (Used for pages that cover things not included in the categories above)

These categories should be contained in the page URL. For example: "Software:OmniMIDI". The page should also be added to the appropriate category from the "Categories" section in the page settings.

No more main categories should be created.


The subcategories are all other categories that a page might fall under. Some examples are:

  1. Audio Renderers
  2. MIDI Drivers

These examples are both subcategories of the "Software" main category.

Subcategories should be assigned to a page from the "Categories" section in the page settings. Further subcategories may be created on demand.