Black MIDI Wiki
BASSMIDI Tester is a program that utilizes the BASS/BASSMIDI libraries, which are to be both downloaded separately from the "Bass" section on Un4seen. It is one of the lightweight programs that lags the least, although it does not have many options in terms of playback. However, it is possible to choose a soundfont to play a MIDI in. It is also one of the programs that uses the least RAM. With the 4 GB RAM patch it can play upwards of 400 million notes.


  • Less lag than most MIDI Players
  • Fast
  • Does not need a MIDI Driver
  • Choice of soundfont
  • Can change the tempo speed
  • Works with most Windows versions (Windows 95 and later)
  • Voice Limit can be changed (from 20 up to 500, Default 100%)


  • Takes a long time to open extremely big MIDIs
  • Options are limited
  • Crashes with some MIDIs (?)
  • Doesn't work without BASS.dll and BASSMIDI.dll which are to be downloaded separate
  • Autoplay can't be disabled
  • Fixed Rendering time limit of 70%
  • Only 32 bit available, need to compile for 64 bit or use BASSMIDI Tester Mod instead