Black MIDI Wiki
MIDIJam is an OpenGL-3D visual MIDI player. Unlike any other MIDI playing programs, it displays the notes as models of the actual instruments. The rendering for the models can be rather glitchy, but it is nonetheless an entertaining way to watch/listen to a MIDI. Because of its instability it is suited for smaller MIDIs with instruments.


It supports most instruments and will display the correct model for them. One noticeable feature is the ability to play melodies that could not be done by a human being (examples on the left).  

It is able to display many instruments at once, as seen on the right.

The bad thing about this program is that it cannot use any synthesizer other than Microsoft Synthesizer, the default synthesizer for DirectMusic applications. This software is also incapable of loading any songs with large amounts of notes or extraordinarily short notes, which means it cannot be used as a Black MIDI player. Despite all this, it is still a very good MIDI player.