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Online Sequencer is a MIDI Sequencer (as said in the title) it is a easy to learn/use Sequencer that runs off of HTML5, with Black MIDI capabilities (albiet very slow).


  • Uses HTML5
  • VERY beginner friendly
  • Rather lightweight for a Sequencer
  • Does not require a download
  • Allows the user to view others work and modify it in their own way (this foreshadows a con)
  • Does not require an account to use
  • Is not a form of crippleware


  • Black MIDI's are very slow to export
  • As of 2023, various instruments do not export into .mid properly.
  • Can't view note events
  • Going past 1/1920 key size is impossible without using the browser's inspect feature
  • Stealing sequences is common-place
  • Even with a powerful PC like M2 MacBook Air, the site will become incredibly slow when many notes (100K+) are on screen at once.


Online Sequencer is supported by some members of the Black MIDI Community.

Orangepaprika 67 (a well known BMC member) used Online Sequencer for a brief time.