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Piano Hero was originally an open source Piano Game made by Nicholas Piegdon (same author as Synthesia) until it was renamed to Synthesia due to copyright issues, Piano Hero versions was ranged from 0.4.0 to 0.5.1.

Cease and desist letter[]

In a letter dated 26 March 2007, Activision requested that Piegdon "immediately cease any and all use of the "Piano Hero" name in connection with the distribution and promotion of [his] video game and agree not to use such in the future". Piegdon responded by hosting a contest for a new name for the project, resulting in the name, Synthesia, suggested by Daniel Lawrence

Starting from 0.6.0. The program became Synthesia



  • When you load a MIDI, you have better control over tracks, and what they consist of (instruments, etc.)
  • Less RAM usage than Synthesia (Does not apply to Synthesia 10.x)
  • Doesn't need a GPU to run due to it's CPU rendered nature
  • Open Source
  • Can count MIDI events (Piano Hero 0.4.0 only)
  • Loads MIDIs fast


  • Lags more than PFA at note clogging
  • More RAM usage than PFA
  • May have issues with very large MIDIs
  • Only CPU Rendering. No DirectX/OpenGL support
  • Not updated since 2007
  • 32 bit Only
  • Works only with BASSMIDI Driver and OmniMIDI
  • Note counter is inacurrate, although MIDI event counter is accurate