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Pianofall (Originally known as Multiplayerpiano 3D in early preview releases) is a Unity-based MIDI player by Stepan Artemeyev (SteArt) revolving around spawning colourful blocks every time a note is played in a MIDI; similar to Synthesia except this player is subject to the gravity of the notes after spawning/generation.



  • Has both realtime playback and pre-render modes
  • Has it's own Synth, no need for external MIDI Synths
  • Nice visuals
  • Highly customizable


  • Poor real time perfomance
  • Takes longer to render large MIDIs
  • High memory usage, especially with larger MIDIs and/or large amount of displayed blocks

Version History[]

Version Date Comments
Multiplayerpiano 3D (Proof of Concept) 06/07/2015 Earliest known version, preview of how would be PianoFall
v0.1 09/14/2015 First public version released
v0.2 12/21/2015 Colored Notes
v0.3 01/26/2017 Linux port, GUI Update
v0.4 04/29/2017 MIDI Device support, wav render mode
v0.4.1 05/04/2017 Bugfix for v0.4