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Zenith is a program developed by Arduano. Zenith is a MIDI renderer, although it can play in real-time using KDMAPI.

Zentih can render MIDI in different modes, such as MIDITrail+, PFA+, Textured (like UMP), and others. These modes come with a shape of .dll plugins, and may be developed by anybody that is capable on C#. These modes has various degrees of customization, making it flexible for any use.

Zenith is pretty optimized on rendering MIDI, compared to Ultralight MIDI Player and TheGhastModding's Video Generator. It also has a small memory footprint. It is also heavily uses the OpenGL graphics. This makes rendering faster, but prone to crash for low-end graphics card or integrated graphics with dense Black MIDI. It also doesn't support old drivers since it uses newer version of OpenGL.



  • Very fast compared to other MIDI renderers.
  • Can render very high resolution videos (up to 16k) with high frame rates.
  • Has anti-aliasing with super sampling anti-aliasing.
  • Very RAM optimized, small memory footprint.
  • A lot of default plugins to choose and heavily customizable.
  • Custom render plugins that can be created by anyone.
  • Option to add audio directly to the video.
  • Option to render transparency mask for video editing.
  • Real-time video preview using KDMAPI.


  • Heavily relies on single-threaded CPU.
  • No built-in audio engine
  • Prone to crash on low-end graphics. (Iris, Iris Xe, Iris XE Max, AMD Radeon, Intel Arc, AMD Radeon Pro, GTX, RTX, and Quadro will not crash)
  • Limited on RAM clock speed.
  • Native support only on Windows. (Although you can buy parallels desktop to use Windows on Mac)