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Pcb yukari's theme- necrofantasia

PCB Yukari's Theme: Necrofantasia

Necrofantasia is a soundtrack from the game Touhou Project 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. It is the theme of the Phantasm Stage boss, Yukari Yakumo. Necrofantasia is one of the first ever Black MIDIs. The most famous one, which many others are based on, is known as "Necrofantasia all hell freezes over", which is a mashup of Necrofantasia and A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necrofantasy. The second song mentioned is usually just referred to as Necrofantasy aloneand is the theme of Ran Yakumo, Extra Stage boss of the same game.

The song was first blacked by kakakakaito1998 in February 2011 and then later revised into the Necrofantasia all hell freezes over we know today.

Black MIDI Versions[]

Here are all the current remixes of Necrofantasia:

Necrofantasia Ultima[]

Necrofantasia Ultima, a Necrofantasia remix, was originally an attempt to merge Necrofantasia 9.8 Million and Necrofantasia 5.75 Million by Acer78, but it failed and the MIDI got corrupted. This MIDI is the largest playable Black MIDI on Piano From Above (32-bit). It has over 13.5 million notes and even the best computers in the Black MIDI Team fail horribly.