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Touhou 6 - Septette for the Dead Princess

Septette for the Dead Princess often also called "Remilia Scarlet's Theme" and shortened as "RST" is a soundtrack from the game Touhou Project 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It serves as theme for the final boss, Remilia Scarlet.

The first Black MIDI of this track was created by Andrew B. and had about 12 thousand notes. This MIDI has since been overshadowed into obscurity mainly because the author deleted all Black MIDI videos from his YouTube channel and the sheer lack of uploads of it. Andrew's version was then reblacked by TheSuperMarioBros2 to about 675 thousand notes.

Today the most popular Black MIDI of RST is by Thinker-AI and has roughly 14.9 Million notes. The biggest MIDI of this song known is by Thinker-AI too and has over 300 million notes.

Black MIDI Versions[]