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Japan Black MIDI Team (commonly referred to as JBMT) is a group for Japanese Blacker so as to share blacking technique, which was founded by Yokkin and ALEX in August 2015. Also known as NNDBMT (Nico Nico Douga Black MIDI Team) is a former name of the team.

Few member newly joins the team these days, nevertheless the team plays a role to communicate with the member and advice how to polish the quality of Black Score.

History of JBMT[]

Until 2014 there was a few users had uploaded Black MIDI on YouTube such as PipiraMine and 西一樹. And at that time, it seems that there was an abandoned topic that a group like today's JBMT would be founded. In Japan, Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) was used as a platform for uploading a number of Black MIDI videos.

ALEX was one of the user who uploaded videos on YouTube. Also he had an account on niconico. Initially his name on niconico was "黒楽譜投稿アカウント" (Translation: The account for uploading Black Score videos).

You can still track him what he have uploaded before, though it refers to the log exists in an unofficial website so that he once deleted all his account. (It may need a translator)

In the last of 2014 ALEX unified with name on YouTube. Another user Yokkin contacted ALEX with messaging function on niconico. After that they started using Google Hangouts.

In Q2 2015 some users on niconico such as Yokkin, ALEX, Anone and Peronty were quite active.

On 21 August 2015 ALEX and Yokkin founded "Nico Nico Douga Black MIDI Team" (NNDBMT). Instantly they made a Google+ community and a group on Google Hangouts. Invited members mentioned above.

On 1 January 2016 NNDBMT changed the name "Japan Black MIDI Team" (JBMT).

In Q4 2016 Established JBMT private discord server.



  • Blacker - Make Black MIDIs
  • Recorder - Make videos of Black MIDIs
  • Composer - Compose track
  • Programer - Make programs
  • Soundfont - Create Soundfonts

Early Members (From NNDBMT)[]

Name Specializations Status Join Date YouTube
Yokkin Blacker, Recorder, Composer, SoundFont Active 2015 Link
ALEX Blacker, Recorder Inactive 2015 Link
Caheret Blacker, Recorder Inactive 2015 Link
Niccori 250k Blacker, Programmer Active 2015 Link
Minty Blacker, Recorder Inactive 2015 Link
Exic Blacker Active 2015 N/A
ZEKE Recorder Active 2015 N/A
Kanon Blacker, Recorder Active 2015 Link
七虹彩人 Blacker Inactive 2015 Link
ゆうし Recorder Active 2015 Link

Newer Members[]

Name Specializations Status Join Date YouTube
Visequet God Recorder Inactive 2016 Link
Caramel Iffy Blacker, Recorder, Composer, SoundFont Active 2016 Link
Tarwil Blacker, Recorder, SoundFont Active 2016 Link
Suzu Blacker, Recorder, Composer, SoundFont Active 2016 Link
Jerry Snow Blacker, Recorder, Composer, SoundFont Inactive 2016 Link
CS4W Blacker, Recorder, Composer Active 2017 Link
Useless (りりーさん) Blacker, Composer Active 2017 Link
CyeDa Blacker, Recorder, Composer Active 2018 Link
Hiragino Yuki Blacker, Designer Active 2020 Link