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The MBMS Productions Team (also called MBMSP) is a team founded by MBMS in 2017 which is mainly used for file sharing between MBMS and the rest of the members, but it also organizes certain events (eg. MBMSP International Blacking Technique Competition).

The team is closed and new members can only join by invitation and approval by the Administration.

It has no correlation to the BMC or the BMT and is completely separate with different targets.

Branches and Members[]


  • Administrator - Manages the team
  • Member - Normal member of the team
  • Blacker - Makes Black MIDIs
  • Organizer - Helps on event organizing
Member Role Youtube
MBMS Administrator, Blacker, Organizer Link
Elitastic Administrator, Blacker Link
Eddywaltz Administrator, Blacker Link
MusiMasta Member, Blacker, Organizer Link
RAPPE Member, Blacker, Organizer Link
HDSQ Member, Blacker Link
TrinaLydia Member, Blacker Link
Ryan0201 Member Link
Kooijermax Member, Blacker, Organizer Link
Eden Member, Blacker Link
Ray890 Member Link