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Philippine Black MIDI Team (also known as PBMT) is a group of Filipino blackers who make Black MIDIs. This was founded by 29FroilanJR in January 2021.

The Team consists of old and new Filipino blackers. Every member in the Team uses different styles of blacking based on their inspiration blackers.

Brief History[]

Ever since, Filipino blackers don't have an interactive place wherein they can gather, 29FroilanJR led and started the creation of the PBMT Discord Server along with other known Filipino members.


  • Blacker - People who create Black MIDIs
  • Recorder - People who create videos of Black MIDIs
  • Composer - People who Compose songs
  • Programmer - People who make Programs
  • Soundfont Maker - People who create Soundfonts

Member List[]

NAME Specializations Status Join Date Role Youtube Channel
29FroilanJR (Froi) Blacker, Recorder, Soundfont Maker Active 01/18/21 Founder / Leader Link
Rinnosuke Blacker, Recorder, Programmer, Soundfont Maker Inactive 01/18/21 Leader Link
DomiDam (Doms) Blacker, Recorder, Composer, Soundfont Maker Active 01/26/21 Member Link
Gray V. (Olrak) Blacker, Recorder Inactive 03/25/21 Left The Team Link
Emblazon Blacker, Recorder, Programmer Active 01/18/21 Member Link
vesteel Blacker, Recorder Inactive 01/18/21 Member Link
Danify (Eden / Edenathan256) Blacker, Recorder, Composer Active 01/18/21 Member Link
ArchaeoPX (hXRk) Blacker, Recorder, Composer Inactive 01/18/21 Unknown Link
Reymundo (reymundokun) Blacker, Recorder, Programmer Active 03/18/22 Member Link

Projects / Collaboration[]

These projects are made by the team. Currently, they have 5 finished project.

Project No. Title Duration Artist Notes Date Created Date Finished Blackers
1 Boooring! 5:00 Assertive Fluttershy 111,083 04/06/2021 04/17/2021 29FroilanJR, Emblazon
2 Uchiage Hanabi (Uchiage Hanabi ED) 4:50 DAOKO × Kenshi Yonezu 200,000 04/29/2021 12/25/2021 29FroilanJR, Reymundo
3 Realize (Re: Zero S2 OP1) 4:56 Konomi Suzuki 363,636 10/05/2020 08/06/2022 29FroilanJR, Reymundo, Emblazon, DomiDam, Rinnosuke, Danify, vesteel
4 Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna (TV Size) (Boku dake ga Inai Machi ED) 1:36 Sayuri 100,000 05/09/20 09/04/2022 29FroilanJR, Rinnosuke
5 Ichigo Sunset (Sasaki to Miyano ED) 4:06 Shuumei Sasaki and Yoshikazu Miyano 141,414 9/22/2022 02/13/2023 Danify, vesteel
6 Kuchizuke Diamond (Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo OP) 3:56 WEAVER 98,765 4/25/2018 (?) 03/10/2023 29FroilanJR, Reymundo
7 Idol (TV Size) (Oshi no Ko OP) 1:33 YOASOBI 67,890 4/16/2023 06/20/2023 29FroilanJR, Emblazon, Reymundo
8 Jopay - Mayonnaise - 11/30/2022 - 29FroilanJR, Rinnosuke, Reymundo, DomiDam
9 Soon


  • The MIDI (Project No. 3) was created (on 10/05/2020) as Froilan's Solo Project and 1/31/2021 as PBMT's Collab Project.
  • The MIDI (Project No. 4) is one of Froilan's old WIP MIDI, and 08/30/22 as Collab Project with Rinnosuke.
  • The MIDI (Project No. 6) is one of Froilan's longest WIP MIDI, and 12/26/21 as Collab Project with Reymundo.